RCSTQ For DJI Mini 2/Mini 2 SE Drone Filter UV CPL ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 ND/PL Camera Lens Filter Set for Mini SE /2SE/2 Accessories

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Brand Name: rcstq

Filter Type: ND Filter

Origin: Mainland China

Compatible Drone Brand: DJI

Model Number: For DJI Mini 1/2/SE

Features 1: for dji mini 2

Features 2: for dji mini 2 se

Features 3: for dji mini se

Features 4: for dji mini 2 accessories

UV protective glasses
The hard coating process can effectively protect the lens, the thin frame has no
dark corners, and the light transmittance is high. The multi-layer coating reduces
the light refraction effect, no color shift, and improves the image quality.

CPL Polarizer
The light is adjusted through multi-layer optical lenses, which mainly eliminates
non-metallic reflections, making the blue sky bluer, water more transparent,
and glass reflections.

ND/PL Light Reduction Polarizer
Image: Adjusted through multi-layer optical lenses in a strong light environment to
prevent overexposure, resist scattered light, increase color saturation, make the
picture more transparent and gorgeous, and achieve large effects such as foggy
flowing water and night light trails.

Video: Reduce the shutter speed to make the video screen have appropriate motion
blur and look more comfortable.

1. Nano double-sided multi-layer vacuum coating process
2. Double-sided anti-reflection coating to reduce ghosting
3. Hardened super waterproof and oil-proof coating
4. Schott optical glass lens, clear image

Optical glass, multi-layer coated filter,
high transparency and high uniformity make the image clearer.

The weight is light and does not increase the load of the gimbal.

The installation is simple, the toothless hook is enough to fasten the gimbal,
the gimbal camera will not be scratched, and the lens will be protected.

Precautions for using filters①
After installing the filter, if you find that there are obvious black borders on the left
and right sides of the aerial image, it means that your filter is not installed properly.
Please make corresponding adjustments according to the situation below.

1. When the vignetting appears on the left side of the screen, move the filter
slightly to the left until the vignetting disappears, which means the filter
installation is complete.

2. When the vignetting appears on the right side of the screen, move the filter
slightly to the right until the vignetting disappears, which means the filter
installation is complete.

Precautions for using filters②
After installing the filter, if the gimbal keeps shaking up and down for correction,
you need to manually adjust the position of the filter, check whether the buckle is
installed in place, or turn off the drone and restart it to solve the problem.


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