12 in 1 USB Tester DC Digital Voltmeter Current Voltage Type-C PD 6.5A Meter Amp Ammeter Detector Power Bank Charger Indicator

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Brand Name: HIDANCE


Origin: Mainland China

Dimensions: 60*60*11mm

Operating Temperature: -10-60C

Accuracy Class: 1% (Software calibration technique)

Display Type: Analog and Digital

Power Supply: DC

Certification: CE

Model Number: J7-c

Alloy sampling technique: <2mR (Metal Manganin resistor Sampling technique)

Boot screen: Display: Welcome!

Data storage type: EEPROM (3500000 autotype)

USB pin material: Pure copper metal

Display panel type: Dot matrix LCD module display

MCU chip storage: Flash memory

Shell material: Add hard PC highlights material

Protective film: 5C high transparent protective film

APP Download address

2, IOS APP: search E_test on iphone APP store to download
3. Android APP: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0jiio43c0vuu1wx/U_Meter-Phone_mobile.apk/file

Key button operation instructions

1. Short press the button to switch the screen,
2. Quickly double-click the capacity(mAH) to clear zero ,
3. Quickly three-click the power( WH) to clear zero,
4. Fast four-click time to clear zero,
5. The quick five-click is to change the cumulative data storage group number (NO.X, 10 groups of data),
6. Long press button the capacity and power time to clear all at once,
7. In the (Screen rotation) interface, long press the button to rotate the screen;
8. When the short key is pressed to the overvoltage, low pressure and overcurrent setting interface, the value can be adjusted by quickly double-clicking or quickly three-clicking.

Production Description

Measurement Ranges (and resolution accuracy):
Voltage: 3.60 - 30.0 V (0.01 V)
Current: 0.00 - 5.10 A (0.01 A)
Capacity accumulation: 0 – 99999 mAh (0.001 Ah)
Power accumulation: 0 – 999999 mWh (0.01 Wh)
Power calculation: 000.000 - 150.0 W (0.01 W)
Impedance: 1 - 999.9 Wh (0.1 Ω)
Temperature: 0 - 80 °C (1 °C)
Timing time: 999H59M59 S (1 S)
USB D+ voltage: 0 - 2.99 V (0.001 V)
USB D- voltage: 0 - 2.99 V (0.001 V)

Product Details:
Input Interface: Type-C / Micro USB / USB
Output interface: Type-C / USB
Timed charge reminder settings: 24-hour countdown
Full charge threshold parameters: < 2 W / 0.5 hours
Refresh time: > 500mS / time
Measurement rate: about 0.5 time / S
Alarm mode: siren sound and display prompt (double warning)
Display type: micro-power LCD module LCM white font in English display
Product dimensions: 60 x 60 x 11 mm
Current consumption: < 0.02 A
Operating temperature: -10 to +60 °C
Working humidity: 10 to 80 (no doubt)
Work oppression: 80 - 106 Kpa

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